Why a small House?

Initially I remember discussing tiny houses was whenever we had been residing in Denver. It was the winter before we sold your house and I also needed one thing to accomplish the night. I saw that Dee Williams, composer of “The Big Tiny: A Built-it-Myself Memoir”, ended up being speaking at the Tattered Cover. I’dn’t read the book, however it sounded intriguing and like one thing Jon might enjoy too, so we went. On the floor of this bookstore, the author had taped down a life-size design of her small home. When I listened to her talk about the small household movement and gazed at taped down partitions for the kitchen area and toilet, I considered to myself: i’m never ever doing that. Jon however, ended up being exactly about it.


My primary objection was the trailer. We understood your point was to avoid needing licenses, nonetheless it just didn’t seem beneficial in the event that you must build such a small area. I love a tiny, cozy household, however the notion of limiting the size to a thing that could fit for a trailer would not interest me personally. Perhaps bureaucracy and rules just didn’t bother me quite sufficient to desire to go on a trailer, plus the whole concept of having the ability to move it appeared like more of a burden than a bonus.

Cut to a couple years later. Our tiny bungalow in Denver ended up being long gone and we’d gotten pretty regularly located in our 33 base sailboat. As Jon and I discussed what we would do when our cruising trip had been over, we kept bringing up the idea of developing a small household – which I would refuse to call a little house – on our very own land somewhere. I needed to produce one thing making use of alternate building materials. Something cool, artsy, and recycled. I needed it to be ridiculously inexpensive so we could *keep our choices open* regarding serious employment. Jon kept saying, “Yeah, let’s do all that. But with wood and on a trailer.”

One of many other choices we considered had been leasing an apartment so we’re able to get started immediately on building a home that could stay placed. But we rationalized reasoned that aided by the cash we’d be having to pay in lease, we’re able to rather have little house we will utilize for years and years. Despite we build a more old-fashioned home we could make use of the additional space into the small home for visitors, an exclusive work space, or holiday rental.  We’ll additionally be avoiding dedication – which constantly seems good to us- insurance firms the choice of either placing down origins or continuing to live like nomads dependent on exactly how things perform away.

Following a amount of serious conversations on topic, we weighed the alternatives and decided that the tiny home on wheels had been the way to go for people right now. Someday we nevertheless want my funky cob house or a yurt whenever we have actually the land together with time and energy to build our forever house. For now I’m very happy to practice on our tiny home, and in actual fact, I’m really excited about it. Evidently, Jon can be very convincing.